NightCap Camera App Reviews

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Very good for night photos

I tried many apps but this is very good for night photos!

High-ISO not optional

High-ISO cannot be deactivated which means higher noise in some situations. Noise reduction function shows little to no measurable effect.

Crash since Update

The latest update crashes on my iPad. Cannot open it anymore. Cannot understand why updates lead to crashes, hope it is fixed soon, really annoying.

Good stuff

Only other camera app I HAVE to have (& use often) among the others. Works well, good results, easy to use. Great value for that.

Nightcap pro

Great app, good features, used for astrophotography, highly recommend

Outstsnding Astro-Photo App

This app allows spotting scoped on a tripod to take HD Lunar images. There is also a device that clips the phone to any eyepiece. Sadly, I lost the link to this but it is out there!

Works great

I trien it in the special night mode and the picture is as clear as in daytime !! Crazy that the default ios app wont allow this sensivity by default ! I wonder how its going to work on iphone 6 witch have a lot better camera than my oldy 5 but newerless great

No night mode in Iphone 6s Plus

No night mode in Iphone 6s Plus !

Amazing app

Id like a nice clean app but so Far this is the best camera app for star gazers

Great results!

This app seems to really shine when lighting is just marginal. I had no idea what my iPhone 5 hardware was actually capable of capturing in low light.


every iphonographer needs a low light app


This is by far the best app you can take perfect night shots and you can bring the details of the darkest shots to fore.Light boost and noise cancellation tools are amazing.This app absolutely does whatever it says.Highly recommended!

İphone 5s program açılmıyor

Son güncellemeden sonra program açılmıyor. Bunu nasıl beceriyorsunuz.

The best in those type of application!

It would be grate of exposer would be longer than 1 second.

NightCap Pro

actually... I dont know...

this app promise a very good photo experience, and it actually gives wonderful night photos and light trails, but... 4 out of 5 times it crashes! iphone 5s, tried on ios 7.1.2 and ios 8.2.

Best night camera so far

I like this one. Just trying to figure how to edit the pics just so you can see a bit better but getting used to it.

More like Night CRASH Pro!

I was using the app to record my brother in laws wedding, at the very end I hit the record button to stop and save the recording and the App just crashed!!!! The entire ceremony was lost! I want my money back!

Inoperative Time Exposures

1. With my iPhone 6 Plus I cant get it to take exposures longer than 1/2-second. 2. No instructions provided, rendering the app useless. Ill stick with my stock Apple camera and other apps until were provided with a descent instructions of operation.

It crashes also doesnt save any photos

This app crashes most of time after I took photos and when it doesnt crash the photo was just pure black. I have iPhone 6 and 8.2 iOS. This really was a waste of money.

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